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April 23, 24
Let's go fly a kite ... in the snow
  by Nathanael Dunn


Reach into your closet, find that dusty kite and clean it off – it’s time to try something new this winter.


The kite flies you

If you’re like most people, you probably flew a kite as a child but haven’t done so for years. Snowkiting gives new motivation to return to that old source of childhood fun. With skis or a snowboard and a kite, you can be pulled along the ground, uphill and even into the air. The principle is the same for kiteboarding, in which you glide along the surface of water.


A new kind of kite

You can use an old stunt kite for beginner’s practice, but you’ll soon need something more appropriate. Newer “depowering” kites feature a bar that can be pulled and pushed to increase or decrease power. These kites are also useful for relaunching when you get stuck in the snow. The size of a beginner’s kite, determined by your weight and the weather, should be smaller to catch less wind.


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