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May 10,11
  Is Small Talk Necessary?
A look at the benefits of small talk and helpful ways to use it
  by Pamela Osment


What’s the first thing you do when you enter a crowded room? You probably look around for a familiar face. When you can’t find one, you have two choices. You can stand alone, or you can walk up and speak to someone that you don’t know.

Starting a conversation with a stranger, though, is often uncomfortable and can be a little scary. Yet as you go through life, you’re sure to encounter strangers in many different situations. At those times, a need to connect with others will hopefully outweigh your fears. In order to prepare, it helps to learn the art of small talk.

Small talk is the beginning stage of a casual conversation. It usually takes place between strangers or casual acquaintances. With small talk, two or more people search for common interests or points of connection. If one is discovered, the conversation usually begins to flow more naturally, often resulting in deeper discussion.


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