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May 1, 2
  Goals, Guts and Glory
An interview with badminton star Chou Tien-Chen (周天成)
  目標 勇氣 榮耀
  by Zack Mills


Meet badminton superstar Chou Tien-Chen. He has been dreaming of becoming an Olympic champion ever since he was first introduced to the sport as a 5-year-old. That’s a lofty goal for any kid. To even come close to reaching that goal would take years of practice and training. Chou is up to the challenge.


Aim high

  In the early stages of his career as a professional athlete, Chou found himself stuck in a losing streak. He’d lost 10 consecutive matches. But that didn’t stop Chou from continuing to aim high. He didn’t lose heart.

  In 2016, Chou qualified to compete in the Olympic Games and finished in fifth place. Today, he’s ranked third in the world, and he’s setting his sights on winning Olympic gold in 2020.


Stay focused

  In an interview, Chou explained his focus. He said, “There is no plan B.” For Chou, quitting is not an option, and he continues to work hard to hone his skills. His focus and determination seem to be guiding his career.


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