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May 23
  Earth Day
A day everyone can celebrate
  一個所有人都可以 慶祝的日子
  by Carolyn Calpin


With a world population of more than 7 billion, it’s hard to think of one thing every single person has in common. But there is one: Everyone lives on planet Earth!

  Every year on April 22, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. But this isn’t the sort of holiday that involves eating special food or traveling to visit relatives. Instead, environmental activists celebrate by meeting with local officials to discuss environmental protection. Ordinary people also plant trees, pick up litter or promote environmental conservation.

  The Earth Day Network, an organization with the goal of building the world’s largest environmental movement, helps to organize activities around the world each year. For 2018, their theme is End Plastic Pollution. This theme is in accordance with their goal of motivating people and governments to take action to reduce plastic waste.

  Earth Day provides a reminder for us to care for our environment. We can celebrate Earth Day every day! We can plant a tree, reduce our carbon footprint, use less plastic, use less water and electricity or even eat less meat. We can all work together to make our world a little greener. 


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