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May 7
  Ketchup or Catsup — It's Everyone's Favorite Sauce
The one sauce used by people around the world
  by Pamela Osment


How do you spell it: ketchup or catsup? Actually, both are correct for this popular red sauce.

  Many assume that it’s an American condiment. After all, what’s an all-American hamburger and French fries without ketchup? Some believe, however, that it originally came from Southeast Asia where it was called ke-tsiap. But the flavor was different from today’s version. Ke-tsiap, also known as fish sauce, was made from salty, fish-flavored water with spices.

  As ke-tsiap made its way around the world, the taste changed from country to country. It’s thought that tomatoes were introduced to it in the 1800s in America. It was there that tomatoes became ketchup’s main ingredient. The sauce quickly became a favorite on fish and meat.

  Heinz, the world’s largest ketchup producer, began making tomato ketchup commercially in 1871.

  Today, ketchup is found around the world on fried chicken in Thailand, pizza in Brazil and spaghetti in Sweden. People may use it differently. But the world seems to agree that no kitchen is complete without this popular condiment.


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