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August 21, 22
  Teacher's Tale
  The Value of Friendship
Friends make the journey through life more beautiful
  友人相伴 人生旅途更加美好
  by Brandon Bryant


Do you ever take friendship for granted? Growing up, I was shy and didn’t have a whole lot of friends. In junior high school, I transitioned from a small private school to a much larger public school. This experience proved to be a monumental change for me as I was now outnumbered in a sea of strangers. While I had some friends at church, at school I was basically a loner. I spent my pre-teen years on my own.

  After graduating high school, I moved away to attend university. This was a pivotal point in my life and in more ways than just one. For the first time I started to come out of my shell. An important factor contributing to the change was my new environment. Now that I was surrounded by so many of my peers, I started to feel accepted. I felt included and even wanted by those around me. This was a new era for me – relationally speaking.

  Over the years, I’ve come to truly treasure this season because of all the tremendous people I was able to meet.


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