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August 9, 10
  Taipei IN Style
An all-in-one event where a variety of exciting activities put the focus on fashion
  時尚饗宴 目不暇給
  by Pamela Osment


If you think all the great fashion designs come out of Paris, New York City or Milan, think again. In recent years, the Asian fashion industry has proven that it is a force to be reckoned with. Taipei has demonstrated an increasing influence on the Asian fashion industry. The city is now as well known for its fashion-related businesses and design institutes as it is for its achievements in textile technology.

  This week, Taipei is hosting a four-day event called Taipei IN Style, an international trade fair that showcases Taiwan’s fashion industry. The mission is to introduce up-and-coming Asian designers and to promote Taiwan’s textile industry to others in the business from around the globe.

  Up to 20,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors are expected to attend. The fair is being held in the warehouses at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park.

  Today the event is open to professionals only, but on November 10 and 11 all visitors are welcome, especially those who are passionate about fashion. The goal is for all who attend to gain more insight into the world of Asian fashion.


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