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May 7, 8
  Zion Williamson: Larger Than Life
“Let’s dance!” – Zion Williamson
  錫安?威廉森: 天賦爆表的NBA選秀狀元
  by Zack Mills


Sports fans love rallying behind top college basketball players. They obsess over athletes’ likelihood of becoming “the next big thing” in the pros. They argue whether or not this or that player will “change the game forever.” All of this anticipation creates a buzz around a few key players. A few of them – think Stephen Curry or Kevin Durant – lived up to their hype. But the majority of best guesses have resulted in disappointment. However, this year’s number one pick in the NBA draft, Zion Williamson, has been declared a “sure thing.”


Taking notice

  The 6-foot-7, 285-pound 19-year-old made his presence known during his one and only year at Duke University. With over 60 highflying dunks in a single season, it wasn’t hard for people to take notice. Even more noticeable has been the level of intensity at which Williamson plays. His college coach, the notable Mike Krzyzewski, described Williamson as “the most unique athlete” he’s coached at Duke. That is high praise considering the quality of players that have played at the basketball powerhouse.


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