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Let's Talk in English FAQs

What's the level of Let's Talk in English?

Let's Talk in English is meant for advanced beginning students of English. Readers who begin studying Let's Talk in English in September will need about 600 words to understand it. Their vocabulary will then increase throughout the year as they learn new Key Words.

Who should study Let's Talk in English?

Advanced beginners, or anyone who is interested in improving their English conversation. Students learn useful words and phrases as well as idioms and cultural information to help them talk to Westerners.

Why doesn't Let's Talk in English get progressively harder throughout the year?

We are always getting new readers and listeners, so we keep the level of the magazine about the same. Within each issue, you will find low, medium and high level lessons.

Why doesn't Let's Talk in English follow along with my school textbook?

A number of our readers and listeners are students, but many aren't. We want to be sure our lessons appeal to a wide audience and meet their needs.

Why is there a review day on Saturday?

Studies show that reviewing what you learn helps you remember it longer. We thought a review day once a week would help you. On the review day, you can practice the key words and useful phrases from each lesson. We want you to be able to use what you learn. So we're giving you more practice.

Why don't you talk more about current events or politics in Let's Talk in English?

In 2005, we do have one current issues article each month. But some topics are just too hard to cover at the Let's Talk in English level. The vocabulary is often too difficult when dealing with current events or politics. Our focus is on common, everyday English that people need to know in their daily lives.

I study Let's Talk in English, but I want to study Studio Classroom. When will I be ready?

This is a hard question to answer. Every learner is different. Some learn faster, some slower. Moving on to Studio Classroom depends on you and your learning speed. It also depends on how much time you spend learning English. If you spend an hour a day, you will usually learn faster than if you spend only 10 minutes a day. If you study hard with Let's Talk in English for a year, you should be able to start understanding the low level articles in Studio Classroom. As you start listening to Studio Classroom, continue to listen to Let's Talk in English for another year. After two years, you should be able to understand many of the articles in Studio Classroom.