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July 19 , 20
  Digital Tools for Summer Learning
Keep your brain sharp this summer with some fun and free digital resources
  今年夏天,就用這些免費資源 保持大腦敏銳度
  by Manya Cramer




2024 July 19, 20

Level: High


Digital Tools for Summer Learning

by Manya Cramer


Keep your brain sharp this summer with some fun and free digital resources



Don’t let summer turn your brain to mush! While many eagerly anticipate summer as a time for relaxation and hanging out with friends, you shouldn’t waste the opportunity for learning fun. The “summer slide,” a phenomenon in which students experience learning loss during summer break, happens because learners aren’t engaged in educational activities. Step into the digital realm, and let modern technology take you on an exciting learning adventure this summer!


  Stimulate your mind with a good scavenger hunt. The geocaching app, which helps you both find and hide little treasures, offers a variety of benefits. Like treasure hunting, geocaching takes you outdoors, gets you exploring and enhances your navigating skills. You get a small prize out of it; furthermore, you can leave behind a treasure for someone else to find!


  Project Noah, another app that maximizes your outdoor time, functions like an online science project. When you encounter local wildlife, document it on your smartphone, and share your findings in the app. As you participate in missions on the app, you earn rewards for your uploads. Along with findings from your fellow users, your contribution to Project Noah helps scientists with ongoing research.


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