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August 28 , 29
Travel to a place where you can see the stars
  by Elizabeth Sunshine


Few sights are as awe-inspiring as the night sky full of stars. But you can’t get a good view of the stars from just anywhere. Buildings, trees and especially light pollution can obscure your view of the stars. That’s why increasing numbers of people are participating in astrotourism – traveling to destinations where they can focus on viewing stars, planets, eclipses and other space-related phenomena.


Dark Sky Parks

  The nonprofit organization International Dark-Sky Association identifies parks where the sky is dark enough to give a good view of stars and planets. As of February 2020, the association had identified more than 130 such places, including some in Europe, Asia and North America. Many of these parks hold talks on astronomy, night parties and other star-related activities.


Star Party in Nebraska

  In north-central Nebraska, a week-long Star Party has been held annually for almost 30 years. Held at the Merritt Reservoir, the party features classes teaching beginners about astronomy, along with some programs especially for children. The party features challenges such as a photo contest. During the day, visitors can swim in the reservoir and go fishing and boating.


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