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December 28 , 29
Taking pictures of real things, with virtual additions
  儕嵺Y焚 + 真實人物 + 擴增實境
  by Elizabeth Koroma


With a myriad of active users, mostly young people, Snapchat is one of the most popular social media sites. One of this platform’s features that is most in demand is its AR lenses. AR stands for augmented reality, meaning that it shows people a combination of real life and digital images. For example, a lens might show an image of you with your real background but replace your face with a dog’s face. Studies show that 71 percent of Snapchat users make use of AR every day.

  Snapchat offers two kinds of AR lenses: face lenses and world lenses. Face lenses modify images of faces, as in the previously mentioned example of the dog’s face. World lenses change pictures of items around you. For example, they might add an item into a picture.

  Snapchat offers over 2.5 million lenses, many designed by users. It has a feature that lets you try out lenses conceived by others and select some for personal use.

  Some favorite lenses include one that makes users look like a 3D cartoon. Another makes it appear that the subject of the photo is smiling (even if they weren’t), and a third superimposes flames on the subject’s glasses.


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